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Poker Sites

Play poker at the best online casinos and poker sites. We have teamed up with 2 great online casinos and poker rooms that offer fantastic poker games.

Get great welcome bonuses of up to £500 at each of our featured rooms.

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Poker Casinos
You play poker mainly at online poker rooms, where you play against opponents. But did you know that most forms of poker are available at all good online casinos, where you play against the house.

Check out our picks of the best casinos for casino poker and get yourself playing.

When even archaeological wonders fails to cast its spell in your mind, you need to find your fun in online craps or other online casino games, which will surely give you a break even from your traditional recreation process.


Mansion Poker

The Mansion Poker Room are giving a great 150% first deposit bonus to depositors using Moneybookers, This is the best we have gound on the net. There are also many competitions giving entry to huge table games around the world including EPT Barcelona and the Irish Open.

Visit Mansion Now >>

William Hill

The new improved William Hill Poker room is definately the place to play to get your texas holdem poker game up to scratch. The new player signup bonus can give you €450 absolutely free. The new monthly millions tournaments have a guaranteed prize fund of $1,000,000!

Visit William Hill Poker >>

Winner Poker are new on the market and offer a very swanky poker room. They also have a full online casino for a huge variety of poker and other card games. New players get a £500 welcome bonus and entry into great freeroll tournaments worth big bucks.

Visit Winner Poker >>

Titan Poker

Titan poker give a fabulous welcome bonus for a poker room. You can get a 50% bonus on your first deposit and land yourself $200. There are regular free-roll tournaments and some fabulous prizes to be won at this state of the art poker room.

Visit Titan Poker >>


Casino Swiss

Casino Swiss offer all players the chance to play over 15 varieties of online casino poker. Choose from Casino Hold´em, Tequila Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker to name a few. Also new players will receive 100% bonus on their first 4 deposits, giving you $400 FREE!!!.

Visit Casino Swiss >>

La Isla Casino

La Isla Casino offers six varieties of casino poker, and over 10 different video poker games. Get up to 3000€ welcome bonus that continues with every deposit. You can even get a bonus on every deposit. The best technology brings you the best casino games.

Visit La Isla Casino >>

Casino King

Casino King offer all players up to $300 over their first 2 deposits to get them started. The poker games are great and the casino even offer free games and live dealer games to give everyone a true casino experience, with ongoing bonus offers everyday. You can win yourself a packet!!

Visit Casino King >>

Lucky 18 Casino

If you’re a person who appreciates the finer things in life, then Europa Casino is the perfect place for you. Europa Casino offers you a selection of over 300 casino games and a tremendous €2,400 Welcome Bonus. Winning has never been this much fun. What you waiting for...

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Online Poker

The game of poker is becoming more and more popular. With the rise of the internet there are more and more people now playing online poker than ever, the number of online poker and internet poker casinos is increasing, but just where do you start with online poker, and where do you stop?.

Currently the hot game varient in the world of poker is Texas Holdem. It seems that just about everyone is playing it. It is a great game and I will explain how to play it elsewhere on this site. In addition to Texas Holdem there are many other types of poker. Some are good to play online and some you will only find at land based casinos. Some are played against other players and some are played against the casino (or dealer). If you are new to the world of poker and want to find out more about the types of games you can play, what the rules are and where it´s best to play then you are at the right place.

WPT and World Series

The World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker and the two main events in the world of poker. The WPT has a number of events scheduled throughout the year. Top poker players will qualify for a televised event (tournament) and play normally "No Limit" Texas Holdem until one remains. To win a WPT event is a very prestigious feat.

The World Series of Poker is a yearly tournament which could be regarded as "The World Championship". It takes place annually at a Las Vegas Casino Resort. All types of Poker are played, with the main event being the biggest Texas Holdem tournament. The WSOP does now also have a circuit of other smaller poker tournaments.

Get to know how to start playing online poker with our texas holdem and online casino software. The huge poker bonus is waiting only for you.

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Texas Holdem Poker
Casino Poker
Pai Gow Poker
Five Card Draw Poker
Carribean Stud Poker
Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

Games to Play Online

Tequila Poker
Casino Holdem Poker
Pai Gow Poker
Let Them Ride Poker
Carribean Stud Poker
Poker Three

Play online casino poker at La Isla Casino or MegaKings today and receive a huge welcome and first deposit bonus.

In addition to the online card games variety of poker there are also many types of online video poker games that you can play. Video poker is like a slot machine game but instead of playing with symbols you are playing 5 card draw poker with cards. You are dealt 5 cards and you need to make a qualifying poker hand. You can hold cards and redraw to get a hand that will payout the odds shown on the paytable.

Poker has been around in one form or another since the beginning of the 19th century, and it is widely thought that several older games such as Bragg, Nas and Poca are the main influences. It was played originally in the southern areas of the USA and spreading into the card game we know today.

Variants from this original game were born along three main themes. Draw Poker, Stud Poker and Community Card Poker are the variants in use today and the many different types of poker games will use one of these variant themes.

Stud Poker - In stud poker you receive your cards one at a time, some face down and some face up and visible to your opponents. You make the best hand out of the cards you receive and bet accordingly. The cards you receive cannot be changed.

Draw Poker - Players will receive their cards face down. You then have the opportunity to change (draw) cards with the pack a specified number of times to make the best poker hand possible.

Community Card Poker - Each player will recieve a specified number of cards face down. There will then be a specified number of cards dealt face up which are known as community cards and are used by all players. The aim is to make the best poker hand using your "hidden" cards and the community cards.

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